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Small Groups

Do you ever feel confused by scripture or don't understand what God wants for your life? Do you wish you could talk to someone about what you are going through?

In this world of conflicting opinions, projects and things battling for our time, a small group can provide a place for support and refuge. Like a gas station helps refuel your car when it is running on empty, small groups aim to refuel you spiritually and emotionally as you journey down the road of life.  And in the process, some lasting friendships are often formed.

A small group is a place to find answers to questions about the sermons heard on Sundays, pieces of scripture that may confuse or intrigue us, and encouragement and wisdom in dealing with life's problems. Small groups are held throughout the week, at different times and days to fit everyone’s schedules. 


Our next sermon series is on the book of Ezra,  Return: A Story of Redemption  will begin on  April 8th.

You can pick up your study guide in the church Welcome Center.  If you forgot your booklet, use the following links and print the pages you need.
Return: A Story of Redemption - Small Group Guides:

Contact  Pastor Brian Bish at the church office (314) 993-0015 to get more information or to sign-up.