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Missions Supported

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The Missions Team is working on a new way to present our Missions information.

We plan to present more information about our missionaries, what is happening currently, and how to support them. 

Check back in May to see our progress.


St. Paul's supports the worldwide mission of Christ by giving approximately 18% of its annual budget each year to missions both home and abroad. We support these missions not only with financial commitment but also with personal relationships. Members of our church go to visit our foreign missionaries to give support, encouragement, prayer, and supplies to aid in their work.

St. Paul's supports 17 different individual missionaries in their work to spread the Good News of salvation around the world. For their safety, we have not publishing their information on this website.  Missionary information can be found on our mission's bulletin board by the elevator and in the hallway in the lower level of the church. 

Please pray for our missionaries and their ministries, and feel free to write or email them.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the pastors or any of the members of the Missions Committee.

Here are a few of the Mission Agencies we currently support:

  • THRIVE is devoted to providing the truth about God’s plan for each woman’s life, equipping them in parenting, meeting physical needs, and walking them through the painful journey of healing and forgiveness for past abortions when that is the case. They give women the tools, information, and liberty to make the decision for adoption and the truth about abstinence and the freedom it can bring to their lives.

  • The Salvation Army is one of the oldest missions in the United States. They provide help for families who have been affected by disasters of all kinds. In addition to spiritual guidance, they help people get back on their feet, back in society, and self-supporting. The Tree of Lights is their main money-raising project of the year.

  • First Light Ministries is a ministry that helps people struggling with homosexuality find hope in Christ. This ministry is a new ministry that is operated in Webster Groves.

  • World Vision