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Mission Trips

2017 - Middletown, OH

  • Our youth participated in a mission trip to Middletown, Ohio - from July 8-15.
  • They worked with the elderly, handicapped, and impoverished, doing home repair and outreach.

2016 - Berlin, Germany

  • A small group of people from St. Paul's went to Berlin from October 20 - 30.
  • They helped with building rennovations for the church plant in Moabit, which is connected with Andy and Claudia Ralhut, former interns at St. Paul's Church. 
  • After completing several residential and business units, the Refo church is able to rent them out to support their ministry in Berlin.
  • Check out our Berlin Mission Facebook Page to see more pictures

2016 - Cedar Grove, West Virginia

  • Our youth were gone from July 3-10 this past year. They are looking at where to go next year.
  • They worked with the elderly, handicapped, and impoverished. Pictures are available on the church's Facebook page.
  • If you are interested in supporting the youth on future trips, please contact Pastor Brian.