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Mission Trips

2017 - Middletown, OH

  • Our youth are planning a 2017 mission trip to Middletown, Ohio - from July 8-15.
  • They will be working with the elderly, handicapped, and impoverished, doing home repair and outreach.
  • Students currently in the 6th through 12 grade are invited to participate.
  • There are currently 15 people signed up to go, but there are still spots available.  If you are interested in participating or supporting the youth on this trip, please contact Pastor Brian.

2016 - Berlin, Germany

  • A small group of people from St. Paul's went to Berlin from October 20 - 30.
  • They helped with building rennovations for the church plant in Moabit, which is connected with Andy and Claudia Ralhut, former interns at St. Paul's Church. 
  • After completing several residential and business units, the Refo church is able to rent them out to support their ministry in Berlin.
  • Check out our Berlin Mission Facebook Page to see more pictures

2016 - Cedar Grove, West Virginia

  • Our youth were gone from July 3-10 this past year. They are looking at where to go next year.
  • They worked with the elderly, handicapped, and impoverished. Pictures are available on the church's Facebook page.
  • If you are interested in supporting the youth on future trips, please contact Pastor Brian.