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Job Openings

St. Paul’s Music Scholar

St. Paul’s Evangelical Church is a part of the Evangelical Free Church in America (EFCA) and dedicated to living out the truth of the Gospel, always identifying the Bible as our ultimate and trustworthy authority for faith and practice.  We subscribe to the Apostle’s Creed and the EFCA Statement of Faith which can be found here:

Expectations of Music Scholar

Scholars are worshippers and participants in the Body of Christ at St. Paul’s.  As believing Christians, they are encouraged to participate in Communion, Bible Study, ministry, giving, special events and meetings, and any other activities at St. Paul’s Evangelical.  These are not required but Scholars are always welcome to be a part of the larger life and ministry of St. Paul’s.

Duties and Responsibilities of Music Scholars

  • Follow instructions from the leaders of the worship ministry teams and pastors.
  • Be punctual and prepared for all rehearsals and services.
  • Work positively with volunteers and staff of St. Paul’s worship teams and pastors.
  • Engage in rehearsal and service preparations according to their gifts in collaboration with the worship team leaders. St. Paul’s Church has a Traditional Service at 8:30 am and an Acoustic Service at 11:00 am. Scholars may be invited to sing solos or ensembles, lead sectional rehearsals, play instruments, or serve in other areas in which they are gifted. Chorale rehearses 7-8:30 Thursday and sings in the 8:30 Sunday service.  Acoustic Service ensemble rehearses at 6:00 Thursday and before the 11:00 Sunday service.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The program runs 14 weeks in the fall, beginning the first Thursday after Labor Day and 14 weeks in the spring, beginning the third Thursday in January.
  • Students will only be compensated for full rehearsals and full worship services worked.
  • Those selected for the program will be paid monthly according to the number of services worked.Each worship service and rehearsal is compensated at a rate of $20 per service (not per hour). One rehearsal = 1 service. One worship service = 1 service.
  • Scholars are only committed to one semester at a time, but the scholarship may be renewed as often as the church chooses to grant another scholarship to the scholar.
  • This position does not include any other benefits.

Candidates must submit a Letter of Interest that includes:

  • a statement of faith expressing their understanding of salvation and their testimony regarding their own profession of faith in Christ.
  • their own church attendance and ministry history.
  • any experience performing in or leading worship services in church or other settings.
  • musical skills the student possesses and is willing to employ in the service of the church.
  • at least two references, one from the University or College they are currently attending.
  • Students must apply and interview with the Director of Traditional Music and/or Acoustic Worship.

If you have any questions, please contact  Letters of Interest should be sent to: St. Paul’s Evangelical Church, Attn: Music Scholar Program, 9801 Olive Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63141.