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Worship on 5/27/18 and Announcements

Church Family,

 I pray the Lord is blessing you today! This Sunday Pastor Andrew will be preaching on the surprising conclusion to the book of Ezra. In observance of Memorial day, a special Hand bell Quartet will play "God of our Fathers" in both services. See you on Sunday!

 Upcoming Events

New Member Class, June 2nd, 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

King's Kids Camp Early Registration ends May 31st!

Graduation Sunday, June 10th, Please notify the office of any graduates you wish to honor.


Pastor Andrew Seley

Lead Pastor of Discipleship

Worship on 5/20/18 and Announcements

Dear St. Paul's Family,

Pastor Andrew continues our sermon series "Return: A Story of Redemption" this coming Sunday with a message from Ezra 9 called, "Return in Confession."

  • There will be no adult classes this Sunday.
  • Between services, starting at 9:45, there will be a Town Hall Meeting in the multipurpose room. 
  • Topics to be discussed include outreach, music ministry, 175th anniversary planning, and possible changes to the constitution.

Join us Sunday afternoon for "An Evening with C. S. Lewis"! We still have 10-15 tickets available in the church office ($25) for this Sunday's performance at 2:00 pm. Come, enjoy an afternoon with your St. Paul's family at the Westport Plaza Playhouse. Call the office (314-993-0015) to make your reservations, or speak to Jannet D. or Christy D. on Sunday morning.

 The next Newcomer's Class is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, from 9:00 to 2:00 in the Conference Room. This is an opportunity to learn more about the community of disciples at St. Paul's. Please call the church office or speak with one of the pastors if interested.


We are mourning this week with three members of our church who lost family members to death.

  • Kris Immekus' grandfather, Darrell Watkins, passed away on May 14.
  • Ron Hueffmeier's sister, Lea Boschert, passed away on May 15.
  • Eric Thias' mother, Doris Thias, passed away on May 15.

Finally, we are collecting the names of our graduates for Graduation Sunday on June 10. Please call the church office or send information to office staff at

Grace, mercy and peace to all!

Pastor Mark Friz

Pastor of Congregational Care

Worship this Sunday, May 3
Hello, St. Paul's!
Let me for a moment brag on our church family...
This week, our church hosted an interdenominational preaching conference through the Simeon Trust. This involved promotion, meal preparation, hospitality, technical needs, and the setting up and tearing down of various rooms. Our church volunteers and office staff made this so easy for me, and such a blessing for the pastors and attendees, that I just had to give a shout out! Thank you!
Here are the announcements:
Town Hall, May 20. In between services, you will hear about our outreach strategy and next steps, plans for the 175th celebration, and by-laws update. Please prioritize being here if you want to hear what's happening.
Shop Out Hunger, May 19. It's not enough to just share a cup of cold water with a stranger, but we share a cup of water "In the Name of Christ." That's why we are going to put on St. Paul's T-Shirts and collect food for the hungry children who lack food in the summers. This is a time to bless the community, raise awareness of our church, and have spiritual conversations with those who engage with us.
VBS Registration. It is time to start registering for VBS. Sign up should be available Sunday. Invite friends, neighbors, and any children you know to come to our Vacation Bible School this summer.
God bless you all,
Pastor Brian
Worship on Sunday, April 29
Dear St. Paul's Family,
This Sunday Pastor Brian continues our sermon series "Return: A Story of Redemption." His message is called, "A Joyful Life," from Ezra 6:13-22. In the first service, the choir sings a favorite, "Come Christians, Join to Sing." In the second service, Jaime Stull and our worship team lead the congregation in songs and hymns of praise.
Many of you will be interested in "An Evening with CS Lewis" at the Westport Playhouse on Sunday, May 20, at 2:00 p.m. We are taking a group from St. Paul's. Tickets are available at $25.00 each. Please call the church office at 314-993-0015 for tickets. Click HERE for more information about this critically acclaimed performance by David Payne.
Please also consider signing up for "Shop Out Hunger" this Sunday. We are asking you to sign up for a 2.5 hour period, on Saturday, May 19, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Your assignment is simple. Stand out in front of one of three neighborhood grocery stores, and give shoppers an opportunity to buy some food for neighborhood food pantries. Stand in Christ's name on behalf of the poor. 
Sunday School is available between services for all. Children and Adults use a curriculum called "The Gospel Project." There is also the Book Club which meets in Room 5, Spiritual Sisters, which meets in room 204, and the Youth Sunday School, which meets in the Youth Room. Take advantage of this time for more fellowship and growth in God's word.
Pastor Andrew is still on paternity leave this Sunday. Melinda and Baby Benjamin are doing just fine.
Grace, mercy and peace to all!
Pastor Mark Friz
Worship on 4/22/18 and Announcements

Dear St. Paul's Family,

 We are all rejoicing in the birth of Benjamin Clayton Seley on April 16. Benjamin had a few short days in NICU, but I am happy to report that both mother and baby are now doing well.

 "Getting Back on Track." Pastor Mark will continue our sermon series "Return: A Story of Redemption," this coming Sunday, with a message from the book of Haggai.

  • The book is small and you could read it all before Sunday with no problem.
  • During Haggai's time, the people had gotten "off track." They started well to rebuild the temple when they returned from exile, but for 16 years they have been discouraged and distracted.
  • In 520 BC, Haggai preaches a series of 4 sermons. The people get back to work on the temple. 
  • Four years later, the work is done and the temple is completed! (If only all sermons were that effective! :-).

What Else is Happening?

  1. Chorale sings "Psalm 100" in first service
  2. Elders lead pastoral prayer in both services
  3. Sunday School for all ages between services.
  4. Encouragement Cards available in the Front Room each Sunday.
  5. Special Birthday for Ruth Hinzpeter this Sunday: 90 Years!

Grace, mercy and peace to all!

 Pastor Mark Friz